Clubs - Bars - Restaurants

Clubs, bars and restaurants use Recovery Drink with OM24® not only for physical and mental refreshment of the guests.

Table tennis

Official Nutrition Partner of SwissTableTennis!

Recovery Drink for



„Recovery Drink with OM24® supports performance during the competition and the equaly important regeneration during training phase.“

Motorsport & Cars

Recovery Drink is an asset to our „Adventure world of Porsche“ at Porsche Zürich in Schlieren. 


Triathletes push their body often to the limit. Recovery Drink can help to mitigate the regeneration phase.


As an active badminton player Recovery Drink with OM24® supports actively your concentration, your coordination skills and simplifies the regeneration phase.


Swimming is the popular sport for all ages. Strength, stamina and good coordination skills are supported during regeneration phase by Recovery Drink with OM24®.


Whether as a fun activity, as a competitive sport or as professional sportsman/woman. Cyclists pay attention to your health and appreciate Recovery Drink with OM24® for its refreshing contribution to the regeneration phase.