Icerunner AG

Because powerful  experiences bond!

csm Home Gregor 3df49a1b15 1„The adventure is extremely impressive – and yet completely safe! Whoever pilots the Monobob alone at high speeds down the ice track in St. Moritz will never forget this unique experience. And you as the host will greatly benefit!“



Gregor Stähli
Founder & CEO icerunner AG

Highspeed on Ice in St. Moritz

Inextricably link a fantastic experience with your company. Reward your sales professionals. Strengthen your teams. Offer your customers great excitement and enjoyment within an exclusive setting. 24 hours of experiencing, enjoying, learning – with exchanges, thrills and relaxation.

What remains is the certitude that all your guests will treasure the memory of 24 unforgettable hours at St. Moritz associating it over and over again with you and your company. Guaranteed! 

We at icerunner are ice track and event professionals. That is why we set up this exclusive event package individually and according to your wishes.

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